Amtico Flooring Newcastle | Treat Yourself this Christmas with our Luxury Vinyls

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6th December 2018
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Amtico Flooring Newcastle | Treat Yourself this Christmas with our Luxury Vinyls

Are you searching for Amtico Flooring Newcastle? Do you want to visit the area’s most reputable supplier and stockist? As a leading retailer and installer of Amtico floors, Flooring Works can meet all your Flooring needs this Christmas. Our team of friendly and dedicated staff can tell you all you need to know about this luxurious design brand and help you find a floor that suits your space and your taste. 

History of Amtico

Founded over a century ago, Amtico has always provided and continues to provide the ultimate service for quality flooring. Despite a few changes in ownership over the years, the brand has never ceased to maintain its standards. Amtico’s goal is to provide the very best flooring for its customers in terms of design and build and they continue to do this every single day; making Amtico a globally recognised brand that offers the very best vinyl flooring around.

What sets Amtico apart from its competitors?

You can rest assured that Amtico Flooring will not disappoint you this Christmas. The range of effects and styles available is unrivalled; meaning you have the flexibility to create your own bespoke look for your space. There is no better time than the festive season to treat yourself to this luxury design brand.

Not only do Amtico vinyls look amazing, but the build and quality makes them one of the most sustainable and durable brands around. The floors come in both tiles and planks, are extremely lightweight and easy to install in even the most unique spaces. Amtico floors are ready to combat the challenges of any environment, whether that be a busy family environment, a house full of pets or a busy office space, Amtico never holds back on quality.

The vinyls are made up of 5 layers: slip-resistive later, colour and strong backing layers, dense wear later and a urethane layer. Together, they provide optimum toughness and durability, immune to stains, marks and warping. So if you are hosting a big dinner party this Christmas, you won’t have to worry about damaging your new floor and it is completely resistant to spills, breakages, dirt and debris. 

Peace of Mind

Here at Flooring Works we find that most of our customers have concerns about the longevity of the floors they purchase. Luckily, Amtico offers a 25 year warranty with every floor in its Spacia Collection.

This offers that extra peace of mind that customers often need when purchasing a luxury brand floor. The Signature Collection even goes one step further and offers a life time guarantee! You can’t get any fairer than that. Amtico is confident to offer such long warranties to its customers because they believe in the quality of their products and know their customers will not be disappointed. 

So if you want the very best for your space this festive season, choose Amtico Flooring Newcastle. Flooring Works is a proud supplier and stockist of the entire collection, and you can see the stunning ranges for yourself at the >state-of-the-art showroom in Hebburn. Give us a call today or come and visit us in store to find out all you need to know about Amtico. 

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