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Karndean Newcastle: Find Your Perfect Floor with Flooring Works of Hebburn
22nd November 2018
Karndean Flooring Newcastle | Give Your Home a Christmas Makeover with the stunning Karndean range!
6th December 2018
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If you’re searching for Karndean Flooring Newcastle then you’ll be aware that this is a leading design flooring company inspired, in its own words, “by the beauty in nature.”

Crafted to perfection from wonderfully durable and highly customised vinyl, Karndean Floors replicate the style and charm of natural flooring but with none of the practical drawbacks.

Using advanced materials and techniques, Karndean Flooring Newcastle offers major advantages when it comes to cost, maintenance and capability.

How so? Well, for starters, Karndean Floors are much warmer and quieter underfoot than most natural materials and provide thousands of homeowners in the UK with a low cost and amazingly comfortable flooring choice.

And, because Flooring Works is a PLATINUM KARNDEAN RETAILER, we’re well aware that the individual tiles and planks that Karndean comes in, gives it a big advantage for those who want to create their own personalised look.

Since hitting the UK flooring market back in 1973, this company has certainly come a long way, and at Flooring Works, we’re delighted to be able to offer this stunning brand to our customers and be part of their ever evolving journey.

Why is buying a Karndean Vinyl Floor a great idea?

Here are just some of the benefits for you to consider…

– Karndean provides customised and extremely durable vinyl

– It mimics natural wood and other materials perfectly

– It’s extremely quiet and warm when you walk on it

– Four decades of experience and skill goes into every floor

Buy Karndean Floors Newcastle Today!

With 40 years of knowledge in the field of design flooring, Karndean without a shadow of a doubt have the edge when it comes durability, design and comfort.

And we’re super pleased and delighted to be able to offer their full range of products. Some of their most popular ranges are Karndean Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Van Gogh.

Let’s take look at these in a little more detail…

Karndean Da Vinci

Combining a bevelled edge and a traditional finish, Karndean Da Vinci creates a classic, timeless look. The result sees a textured, slender appearance floor adorn your home. A beautiful product!

Karndean Michelangelo

This is a truly special range with style and quality at the heart of it. Each floor in this range has been made to create a big impact visually with pebble and metallic designs being offered as the signature pieces.

Karndean Van Gogh

In a fitting tribute to the great artist himself, Karndean Van Gogh flooring is very individual and striking and nods to an extremely unique timber appearance. It also comes in both a reclaimed and timber effects.

Ready to chat Karndean Flooring Newcastle? Based in Hebburn, South Tyneside, we’re Tyne and Wear’s experts when it comes to design flooring. For more information about Karndean and how we can transform your home gives us a call on 0191 483 3505 or contact us here.

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