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19th May 2017
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Are you searching for flooring for the kitchen, Newcastle? Flooring Works, based at our stunning showroom in Hebburn, are premium retailers and installers of all of the leading flooring brands.

And if you’re after inspiration for the kitchen, and all of the rooms in the home for that matter, you’ve come to right place.

Because we get lots of enquiries about how to make kitchens look great, today, we’re going to focus in on that part of the home and the magical world of Karndean Design Flooring.

As a platinum retailer of one of the UK’s leading flooring brands, we know just how special Karndean Design Flooring is.

Flooring for the kitchen Newcastle: Karndean is the perfect choice

Family friendly, durable and super stylish, Karndean Flooring has dramatically improved the kitchens and the lives of all of those who’ve had them fitted.


Flooring Works is well aware that the kitchen is the bedrock of the home and is arguably the most important part. People always gather there for family functions and is the focus point of our parties, so it needs to look the part. And remember, because the kitchen sees a lot of action including spills, foot traffic and pets, it’s not surprising to hear that this area gets hammered a lot more than the others.

And regardless of what look, you’re after, be it contemporary, classic or traditional, Karndean allows you to create a beautiful floor that is extremely hard-wearing and easy to look after and clean.

If you’re a little sleepy first thing and you drop your coffee cup or spill some of that evening wine, Karndean Floors are solid and simple to wipe clean. From smooth classic marble to rustic wood effects, Flooring Works stocks and fits all this wonderful brand has to offer.

Whether you just want a quick refresh or a complete overhaul of the kitchen, our team of experts have a range of flooring ideas and free advice to make your kitchen a space of awe and invitation.

Ready to get inspired? Come and visit us at our showroom and meet up with our in-house flooring experts. If you want flooring for the kitchen in Newcastle, Flooring Works can help.

For more information about us visit our website and if you want to get in touch Contact Us Here or call us on 0191 483 3505.


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