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Karndean Flooring Newcastle

Want to know how to install your new Karndean Vinyl floor and other flooring brands? Flooring Works, the North East’s premier design flooring stockist will walk you through how it’s done in this special installation blog.

And remember, if you need some expert assistance, you don’t have the time to install your new vinyl floor or you’re just not sure about what to do, then there’s no need to worry.

We have a full team of expert fitters on hand to take care of all of your installation needs operating throughout Tyne and Wear.

If you need us or would like to know more about our installation service or our luxury vinyl flooring brands, give us a call on 0191 483 3505 or contact us here. We’d be happy to help you!

So if you’ve recently purchased Karndean Flooring Newcastle, and you need some help with installation, here’s our general fool proof luxury vinyl tile floor guide.

General Installation

Remember folks, technical details may change based on the type of flooring you’ve bought, so always make sure you read up on the guidelines given by your manufacturer before you go ahead. Sheet vinyl tiles, for example, are laid in a different way to sheet vinyl and are sometimes confused!

The most popular way to install vinyl is glue-down and loose-laid. Loose-lay, as the name suggests, is designed to be laid simply across the floor whereas glue-down means you have to apply a specialist layer of adhesive to your floor before you lay it down.

The Prep

Your floor needs to acclimatise before the tiles are laid. All you need to do is leave them in the box they come in, in the centre of your room for two days (48 hours). Make sure the room is at a normal, steady temperature.

It may sound obvious, the floor below needs to be clean so make sure you wash and clean up before.

If you want your floor to look great and be symmetrical, lay it at the centre. In order to find this, measure the length and the width of the area and use chalk to strike a line that goes halfway across both.

Then you need to lay two lines of tiles from the middle of the room at right angles to make an L letter shape. It’s not quite the time to stick these tiles down at this stage. Lay them down without peeling back the adhesive layer or using glue – this allows you to lay your new vinyl floor at the right angle! Wiggle them about until they do if you’re having trouble!

The Fitting Part!

If the tiles are in position, now’s the time to get them stuck down. Normally, this will involve either applying a thin layer spread of adhesive under the tiles to the floor or peel the non-stick backing.

If you find that the adhesive is oozing upwards, make sure you wipe this off right away with a cloth or a sponge.

Working from the centre of the room, after a section of the tiles have been installed, you need to firmly bond them to the floor either by rolling over them with a rolling pin or a floor roller.

If you have gaps against the wall, you’ll need to cut some of the remaining tiles until they are filled.

We recommend using u knife to slice through the tile and bend until it snaps.

Flooring Works is a family run design flooring company based in Hebburn, South Tyneside. For more information visit our website here.

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