Moduleo Flooring Sunderland | Inspired by Nature, With Nature in Mind

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16th May 2018
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Moduleo Flooring Sunderland | Inspired by Nature, With Nature in Mind

Moduleo Flooring Sunderland at your fingertips! Flooring Works is a proud stockist of this stunning designer brand and we are the experts when it comes to design flooring. Based in Hebburn, just ten minutes away from Sunderland, we offer a wide selection of next-generation, luxury flooring 

Why is Moduleo the next-generation of designer flooring?

Well, Moduleo ticks all the boxes but it’s dedication to innovative technology makes it stand out from the crowd. The experts behind Moduleo are highly skilled in using cutting edge technology that enables customers to purchase a floor that is a flawless reproduction of natural materials. 

The patterns created even include the grooves present in a hard wood floor; this allows Moduleo vinyls to feel just like the real thing without all the hassle of maintaining it. 

Not only is Moduleo inspired by nature but it also holds “green” credentials, meaning it protects nature too! Choosing Moduleo means making an eco-friendly choice for the future.

What else makes it so great?

Moduleo is that little bit different as it works from its purpose-built, eco-friendly production plant in Belgium. The factory also meets the strictest EY are and water pollution policies.

Not only this, the products contain up to 50% recycled material of verified origin and are themselves recyclable. 

Not only is Moduleo green friendly in production, but it is also eco-conscious in practice. Once you have purchased a Moduleo floor, you can carry on being eco-friendly as its cleaning does not require any harsh products that damage the planet.

The heat insulating properties also cut down on heating resources; saving the planet and saving you money, so it’s win-win! Continuing their ongoing development in green technology, Moduleo is working on the construction of a new wind farm which will generate 40% of the power to run the factory and help with the manufacturing process. 

Once you have decided upon Moduleo as a brand, you then have the potentially difficult choice of which floor to chose for your home or space.

Get in touch with Flooring Works

The options out there are often overwhelming and it’s a very important decision as changing your floor can change the whole feel of a room. Our staff at Flooring Works are on hand to help you each step of the way to make sure the floor you chose makes that stunning first impression. 

So if you’re in Sunderland and looking for a natural-looking, luxury vinyl floor then look no further than Moduleo Flooring Sunderland. The state of the art technology used by the company creates the ultimate natural appearance that includes all of the wood grains and stone grooves present in natural materials.

Moduleo also provides the ultimate aesthetic experience by keeping repetitive designs to an absolute minimum. This means that Moduleo customers can find a floor that is both bespoke and beautiful. 

Call into Flooring Works showroom today or give our team a call to find out more about transforming your home, the Moduleo way.

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