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Love to entertain?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This year we’re all about making happy memories with our loved ones so staying in is the new going out and now is the time to get your home guest ready!

When we host friends and family at home we can show our love and ensure our guests feel comfortable with a cosy inviting atmosphere and good food, even if we choose to seek a little outside help with the actual cooking!

Decorating your kitchen diner with natural colours and textures will add a relaxing look that also reflects your individuality, keep the colour palette soft and gentle with rustic earthy tones then add highlights in shades that make you smile. The latest trends are packed with calming yet fun options but don’t let that stop you choosing your particular favourites.

With all the beauty of natural wood and stone but without the tricky maintenance and practical downsides, LVT flooring offers you the flexibility to express your own style. Perhaps you love the rustic look of timber floorboards, the heritage vibe of geometric tiles or the converted barn chic of slate. Or perhaps you want something a little quirky with a mix of abstract patterned tiles and wood herringbone planks. The world’s your oyster as they say.


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