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Trend Watch: Parquet

Parquet is a sophisticated and elegant design that has stood the test of time, and Amtico's parquet which is widely referred to as herringbone is no exception. This versatile yet enduring pattern works equally well in classic and modern settings.

In recent years, parquet has been enjoying a renaissance in modern interiors, particularly in a herringbone laying pattern. Today, this iconic pattern is used in modern and period properties, and is ideal for large, open-plan living areas or smaller intimate spaces alike.

Helping to visually expand a room and add warmth and heritage, parquet introduces timeless and refined appeal. Beautifully versatile, it is available in a variety of colourways, from cool Scandi pines to rich aged oaks, complementing a multitude of different looks and styles. Bringing movement and balance with its geometric pattern, it creates the perfect backdrop for any room in the home, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Below we have outlined three of our favourite parquet styles, with a solution for any home.

Traditional Oak Parquet flooring

With classic appeal, Parquet complements many interior schemes. For a traditional oak, both Rural Oak and Carved Oak bring a feeling of style and warmth to your home, a real timeless elegance.

Contemporary Parquet flooring

Amtico's in-house team of designers have elevated this versatile pattern into a selection of beautiful floor designs by carefully combining sizes and colours. The rich inky and deep indigo tones of Ink Wash Wood make a space look luxurious and contemporary. And for something even more modern why not try a stone parquet form the Spacia collection.

Scandi Parquet flooring

A popular home design trend of paired back, Scandi-feeling spaces is really having its moment and Amtico’s parquet designs have got you covered to achieve this feel for your home. With products such as Iced Oak and Shell Oak create light, airy and relaxing spaces.

Amtico’s LVT collections are carefully designed and curated to offer a colour and design suitable for any space in your home, and with small and large parquet formats available in our Signature, Spacia and Form collections, you can enjoy all the benefits of effortless style and ease of maintenance in a popular Parquet effect that will have enduring appeal.


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